Elk Hunting Testimonials

I have had occasion to use Joe Boucher for three different types of adventures - a guided bull elk hunt, an unguided drop camp bull elk hunt, and a summer horseback pack-in trip. Every trip has been a great time. My family really enjoyed the summer pack-in trip in a beautiful wilderness area with comfortable accommodations and good food. On the guided hunt I killed a nice 6x6 bull, and on the unguided hunt I killed a nice 5x5 bull. One thing that I have appreciated about Joe is that he asks sincerely what I would like to do and tailors the trip accordingly, which makes for a very nice trip. Another thing that I have appreciated is that on each of the two hunting trips, I had different non-hunting related issues that came up, and Joe took care of the issues for me without complaining or even acting like it was a bother. To the contrary, I believe that is just the way Joe takes care of his guests. I strongly recommend Joe Boucher and Horn Fork Guides.

- Todd T. Taylor

One of my lifelong dreams was to go on a classic western states outfitted hunting trip to harvest a 6x6 bull elk. In 2016, I won an auction at the RMEF banquet to hunt elk with Horn Fork Guides. After contacting Joe Boucher, I quickly gained full confidence in him due to his honest and no nonsense answers to my questions. His references were stellar. He was truly interested in knowing what I expected on this trip. Joe wants to know your strengths and weaknesses so that he can tailor the hunt to fit your desires. He kept in contact and answered my questions during the months leading up to the trip. Upon arriving at the trailhead, we mounted the horses for a 4 1/2 hour ride to base camp at 10,500 feet. The hunting area is gorgeous but the oxygen is in low supply! Joe's sense of humor made for a fun trip, even when the traveling got hard. The food was great and plentiful. His staff, stock and equipment are top notch. Each morning, we rode about 1 1/2 hours before first light up to an elevation of 12,000 feet to start hunting. We saw plenty of elk everyday. Joe and his guides taught me a lot about hunting elk. I have hunted deer for many years but elk behave differently in many ways. Joe's experience and tenacity greatly improves your odds of success when stalking these very intelligent animals. He and his guides never give up when it comes to trying to outsmart your quarry or attend to your needs. In the end, I did get the 6x6 of my dreams and they performed the hard work to get it off the mountain. You need to do your part to insure a greater chance of success on a hunt because the terrain and conditions are tough. It is imperative that the hunter be very confident in their shooting before they arrive. You need to try to be in good physical shape. Joe is in superb physical condition but will not try to push you past your ability. I'm confident the guides will not be the reason a hunter has a bad experience. If you want something, tell him and he will try to make it happen. His prices are reasonable and worth every penny! If you want the best the outfitter and guides in the business, book with Joe Boucher of Horn Fork Guides.

- Rod Robinette

Big Horn Sheep Hunting Testimonials

Joe Boucher and I met a couple of years prior to me drawing a Colorado desert bighorn sheep tag in 2001. We hit it off right away when I found out he was a guide and he found out I loved to hunt. So when I drew my desert tag in an area of Colorado that I wasn’t familiar with I called Joe to see what he could do to help. Although Joe wasn’t permited to guide in that unit he said he could team up with someone who was. Joe knows many people in the outfitting business so it didn’t take him long to make the arrangements. With Joe’s help I was able to take a respectable 3/4 ram on the 5th day of the hunt. Joe and I really began a friendship during our time spent together on this hunt. He and I live in the same town so we started to stay in touch more frequently. Joe invited me to a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Society Banquet in 2003. While there he and I spent time with a friend of Joe’s who guides for dall sheep in Alaska. Long story short Joe and I booked a dall sheep hunt for August, 2005. Although Joe was also a hunter and not the guide on this hunt I once again got to experience sheep hunting with Joe. That to needs to be considered. Why? Because this was a physically and mentally challenging backpack hunt in the Wrangell Mountains. We would leave camp at 4am and return around 10pm after hiking many miles. The good news is that we both filled our tags. Once again Joe really impressed me with his knowledge of sheep and his enthusiasm for sheep hunting was quite impressive even after an exhausting day of hiking and hunting. Most recently I drew a Rocky Mountain bighorn tag for the fall of 2010 in a unit Joe and I call home. This turned out to be a tough yet very rewarding hunt. What made it so difficult was the weather was too hot and dry. Joe and I decided to start hunting on opening day and see what we could find. What we discovered after four days was that the sheep were living in the timber where it was cooler and their food sources more appetizing. Sheep are almost impossible to hunt in the timber so we decided to pick up the hunt again later in the season. Finally with five days remaining in the season the weather changed to cooler temperatures and periods of rain and snow. Joe’s strategy worked as we started to find sheep every day. Joe located a small group of rams that had at least three legal rams on the second to last day. The next morning and after a two hour horse ride and one hour stock I took a 12 1/2 year old ram. He is an impressive ram. I’m sure Joe would love to show you pictures if you asked. In conclusion I have shared with you just a fraction of my three sheep hunting experiences with Joe Boucher. He and I have spent about 20 days together during those hunts. You will not find a better guide or person. You will not find a harder worker or more motivated guide. You will not regret hiring Joe to be your guide whether you fill your tag or not. He will give you every opportunity you could hope for (those things he can control) to fill your tag. His knowledge of sheep is second to none. You will get out of your hunt what you put into it and how you prepare. Get in shape! Joe can and will motivate you physically and mentally if you will let him. Most sheep hunters who do not fill their tags do so because they fail to hire a guide. So if you are fortunate like me to draw a sheep tag hire Joe Boucher to give you every advantage you need to be successful. Your sheep hunt may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I guaranty your sheep hunting experience with Joe to be some of the most memorable you could hope for.

- Scott Erchul

I am what most people would refer to as an “aging senior citizen” complete with all and more of the medical afflictions attributed to a lifetime of physical body abuse and neglect. Upon my 74th birthday in May of 2010, after 12 years of applying and beyond any reasonable expectation of being able to pack up and down 13,000 ft mountain peaks, I was successful in drawing a coveted bighorn sheep tag for Colorado. So, in September, accompanied by my two eldest sons from Alaska, one of whom is a licensed guide himself, we journeyed to Buena Vista, Colorado to rendezvous with our outfitter and guide, Joe Boucher of Horn Fork Guides. After over a week of scouting, glassing,and stalking, in for les than “ideal” weather conditions, we were successful in harvesting my beautiful 3/4 curl “trophy ram” during the final minutes of light on the 8th day of the hunt. Between the boys and myself we have participated in over fifty such adventures, both guided and on our own, and we all agree that this was one of the finest overall hunts of our lifetimes. The knowledge, expertise, and professionalism exhibited by Joe was totally responsible for our ultimate success. If not for his persistence, patience, and understanding this old man would never have come close to achieving his lofty goal. I would not hesitate for one second to accompany Joe anywhere, anytime for any big game species that he chose to pursue. (If he would consider having me.)

- John DeMallie, Loveland, CO

The day I found out I had drawn a sheep tag after 13 years of putting in, I contacted Joe Boucher with Horn Fork Guides. Joe was referred to me as the top guide for my unit. I was very excited to have the help and increase the chance of harvesting a ram. Joe called back immediately and we started planning my hunt that was 6 months out. I am an avid outdoorsman, own and operate my own guiding and outfitting business, non-competing with Joe of course! Joe and Adam met me in Buena-vista the day of my scheduled hunt, we had lunch and then headed up the mountain. We busted our butts for the next 7days! Joe and Adam put me on rams but it just didn’t work out. Joe had told me that if I didn’t fill my tag he would take me back in the last week of the season. A week later I was back on the trail headed up to try my hand at a ram again. Two days later I stalked up to and shot a wonderful ram! This hunt with the help of Joe and Horn Fork Guides was the hunt of a lifetime. If you draw a bighorn tag in Colorado call Joe Boucher!

- Josh Harris

Within minutes of finding out I had drawn a Bighorn tag, I was on the phone with Joe Boucher of Horn fork guides. After a 10 min conversation, I was convinced I was making the right decision to trust Him with my most likely once in a lifetime tag, and how true that was. Joe was very helpful with the questions that I called him with over the summer and was kind enough to take me on a day scouting trip in August, while my Wonderful Wife and I journeyed to Colorado for a short vacation. I can't say enough good things about Joes experience and ability to find Sheep in the high country they call home. We killed a beautiful ram on day 5 of a 7 day hunt with just a little daylight remaining, and I hadn't began to get worried yet, because I knew I was in good hands, and that if I was able to keep following Joe and His spotter Adam Larson, we would eventually get it done. What a Blessing and true high country experience it was to spend a week with those Guys. In closing, if I had the Governors tag, I promise you I would have Joe Boucher hired to help me fill it!!

- Lloyd Blackwood

Mountain Goat Hunting Testimonials

I first met Joe Boucher shortly after winning the raffle license for mountain goat administered by the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society. After a couple of conversations with Joe, I took him up on his offer to provide guide services to assist me on my hunt. Joe impressed me with his knowledge of the area we hunted and the game we pursued. He provided a comfortable camp, good food and some of the finest mountain stock that I have ever ridden. On our second day of hunting, after a long climb, I shot a very nice 9+ inch billy just before sunset. Since I wanted a full body mount of my mountain goat, Joe skinned the billy in the dark and we loaded our packs for the hike down the mountain with all the meat and the hide. We arrived back at the tent at 4:30am. That is when I realized that Joe Boucher would do anything within his control to make the trip a success for his client. After that mountain goat hunt, Joe and I became good friends. A few years later, when I drew a rocky mountain bighorn sheep tag, I immediately called Joe to book my sheep hunt with him. On the fifth day of hunting, Joe got me within a couple hundred yards of a group of eight rams and I was able to harvest a beautiful, dark chocolate, heavy horned ram that really carried his mass well. Again, Joe and I came off the mountain with heavy packs. I have been in elk camp with Joe on two occasions and both times nice bulls were taken; one six by six and one five by five. Joe again provided outstanding guides, accommodations, and horses. I highly recommend Joe Boucher and Horn Fork Guides. His knowledge of the mountains and the game, along with his hunting skills, will greatly improve your chances of filling your tags. Joe Boucher will be my first phone call when I draw my next Colorado big game license!

- Joe Toy, Indiana


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