Buena Vista, CO Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain goat hunts outfitters for the big game hunter. Mountain goat hunts provides a very exciting experience. Our goat hunts will take you deep into the high country in units G1, G2, G3, G13, and G17 near Buena Vista, Colorado.  Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will help you traverse the rocky edges of mountain slopes and cliffs that will… help you traverse the rocky edges of mountain slopes and cliffs that will test your skills as you hunt Colorado’s mountain goats for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

Our home base location gives us the special advantage of being able to scout for goats in units G1, G2, G3, G13 and G17. All these units hold excellent goat populations and our pre-season scouting seems to be the key to taking the best goats with a high degree of success.  Additionally, Colorado goats taken at elevations of 12,000 feet to 13,000 feet are well furred and make outstanding trophies.

Join us on a guided goat hunt outside of Buena Vista and experience the challenge of goat hunting in one of Colorado’s most picturesque settings.

I first met Joe Boucher shortly after winning the raffle license for mountain goat administered by the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society. After a couple of conversations with Joe, I took him up on his offer to provide guide services to assist me on my hunt. Joe impressed me with his knowledge of the area we hunted and the game we pursued. He provided a comfortable camp, good food and some of the finest mountain stock that I have ever ridden. On our second day of hunting, after a long climb, I shot a very nice 9+ inch billy just before sunset. Since I wanted a full body mount of my mountain goat, Joe skinned the billy in the dark and we loaded our packs for the hike down the mountain with all the meat and the hide. We arrived back at the tent at 4:30am. That is when I realized that Joe Boucher would do anything within his control to make the trip a success for his client.

- Joe Toy, Indiana


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